Ultimate Learning Enviornment

The best baseball learning environment in the world, takes place at the National Pitching Associations Coaches Certifications. This is when coaches get to learn everything about pitching. You get mechanics, recovery, pitch totals, nutrition, fitness and the mental aspects of what makes pitchers perform better. The high light of the clinic however, is getting to go on-field and put the lessons learned in to practice. That’s right you get to stand by The NPA coaching Staff and Dr. Tom House and see what they/he sees. This experience is invaluable, you will be able to ask questions and get scientific researched answers. I started out 15 years ago with Dr. House in this same manner, he became my mentor, the way this clinic is run is like having him and the NPA staff as your own personal mentor. If you want to be a part of something that makes you a better pitching coach, gives you credibility to the parents and kids you teach, and become a member of the ultimate pitching family click or paste http://www.nationalpitching.com/calendar.asp?


About James Evans

NPA Advisory Board member, NPA Certified Pitching Coach, and Foundation Fitness Certified Trainer.
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