Post-Season Pitching

How many times have you heard that the post-season is all about pitching? The pitchers have certainly listened and delivered so far. Halladay throws a no-hitter, Lincecum pitches a complete game shut-out with 14 K’s, Lee comes up big for the Rangers, and Pettite is revived from the dead. All these guys are big game pitchers and have proven their value continually, not just during the regular season but now in the post-season as well. Teams need to have a number of quality arms to make it to the post-season, 162 games is a lot of games and depth is important. However, the post-season is about the horses in the front of the rotation, bullpen depth, with a stud closer. We are just a few games in to the 2010 post-season but it has been great to see how the pitchers have dominated thus far. Pitching has made a huge resurgence this year, now it’s time to watch the Best step-up their game even more. Keep tuning in and watching. This is a great time of year for pitchers.
I’m going to try to post a new blog entry everyday following the games the night before, if you have any questions or topics about pitching during this post-season would love to hear from you.


About James Evans

NPA Advisory Board member, NPA Certified Pitching Coach, and Foundation Fitness Certified Trainer.
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One Response to Post-Season Pitching

  1. Dan Caruthers says:

    Awesome! We’re listening. Love to hear your view of the Post Season pitching effort.

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