What happened to the pitching

World series time, the anticipation for last nights pitching mach up was huge, and it failed to deliver big time. The big question is why? Time off. Athletes especially pitchers are creatures of habit or routine, and when we get to the post season it is completely disrupted for television and series’ ending at different points. It is somewhat counterintuitive to think that 9 days off wouldn’t help the pitchers, but it doesn’t. They get out of their routines. The pitchers last night were stronger, but their location/command was way off. Instead of being on the edges of the plate, they were off the plate or in the middle of it which is going to get whacked by Major League hitters. Cutters, breaking balls, off-speed won’t have the same bite or movement. Plus off-speed pitches are “feel” pitches, when you are use to throwing them with a certain strength level, then that strength level is different the feel will be different. If we get to a game 5 when these two guys are scheduled to match up again, we should see a different ball game with the year of the pitcher returning.


About James Evans

NPA Advisory Board member, NPA Certified Pitching Coach, and Foundation Fitness Certified Trainer.
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One Response to What happened to the pitching

  1. 100% agree. If an athlete does not work on their sport a little bit each day, they start to lose their edge.

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